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Nurse Practioner Interview on CBC Radio - Morning North

Listen to the interviews with Amanda Rainville, and Jennifer Clement at the link below

CBC Radio - Morning North

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Offered via distance education, the NP program attracts nurses from across Northeastern Ontario, each of whom is excited about the opportunity to care for patients in their own communities.  Nurses qualifying for the NP program have a university nursing degree, years of relevant professional experience and meet the requirements for previous academic achievement.   Each graduate from a Nurse Practitioner Education program must then pass a grueling licensing exam in order to practice as an NP.  

“Nurse Practitioners order laboratory tests, diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication and treatments, independently,” states Marilyn Butcher, Nurse Practitioner and Clinic Director of the Sudbury District Nurse Practitioner Clinics. Butcher adds, “NPs also practice with a team approach which means that they consult with a variety of health care providers. Among these are physicians, pharmacists, social workers, midwives and more, ensuring that the individual and family receive the best possible care.” 

lu_grads.jpgAll 11 graduates from the 2008 class have employment as nurse practitioners.  Jennifer Clement, originally from McKerrow, Ontario, has accepted a position with the Sudbury District Nurse Practitioner Clinics. Making history as the first NP-led clinic in Canada, its impact on access to care is significant in that only orphan patients are accepted.

Pictured here are: 1st row left to right: Irene Koran, Director of Laurentian University School of Nursing,  Pat Anglehart, Joy Savage, Rhonda Ramsey, Jennifer Clement.  2nd row left to right: Denise Lorbetski, Rosanna Furletti, Lynne Innes and Buffy Gorley-Sutherland.  Missing: Helen Labine, Danae Wilson, Dana Strength  . Congratulations, NP Class of 2008!

For more information about the Sudbury District Nurse Practitioner Clinics services see 

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